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  • Quick Heal Tablet Security voor Android

  • Quick Heal Quick Heal Tablet Security voor Android
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  • Virus Protection

    This feature secures the file system of your Android tablet from malicious threats.

    It remains active in the operating memory of the device and scans all files that are open or saved including those on the memory card.

    Web Security

    Includes Parental Control to keep a tab on the Internet browsing activities of your children or others using your device.

    Blocks access to fraudulent Websites that might phish your valuable information.
    Read more about what is phishing.

    Device Scanning

    This effective antivirus for Android tablets helps detect any malicious objects on your device and counter it.

    A regular scan keeps your device safe from unseen threats.

    Call Block

    Blocks all non-contact numbers or specific numbers from calling on your tablet device by creating blacklists.

    SMS Block

    This feature enables you to block unwanted SMSs, and spam SMSs such as news, advertisements, and even off­ensive texts from specific contact numbers or anonymous numbers.

    It also helps configure blacklist and whitelist.


    Anti-Theft is a crucial mobile security feature. It helps track, block, and wipe data remotely in case the device is lost or stolen, using predefined SMSs.

    This feature can also locate the approximate location of your tablet. Additionally, a predefined SMS can be sent to ring a device misplaced in a nearby area.


    Takes backup of your valuable personal information such as contact numbers, text messages, calendar events, and pictures on the Cloud.

    Performance Monitor

    This feature monitors the functioning of the device, controls power saver, speeds up device efficiency, and provides performance reports.

    Network Monitor

    Helps in managing the networks being used on your device.

    You can also check and control the current data usage.

    Remove personal data

    This is a secure deletion method where data is removed permanently. It helps to wipe out contacts, SMSs, calendar events, and SD card data.


    Displays the latest bytes of information on virus protection, security alerts and other important topics related to IT security.

    Remote Device Management

    This feature helps manage the device remotely (lock, unlock, or wipe data) with predefined messages, if the device is lost or stolen.

    RDM also serves as a tablet device tracker.

    Regular automated virus updates

    Takes automatic virus definition updates to give your device real-time protection from malware.


    Get extensive reports on blocked threats, blocked SMSs and calls, virus updates, backup, anti-theft, and web security.


    For more details, please refer to the product datasheet of Quick Heal Tablet Security for Android.

    You can also download Quick Heal Tablet Security for free from Google Play.